The Seven Orbs

- Orb of Light

- Orb of Night

- Orb of Frost

- Orb of Flame

- Orb of Stone

- Orb of Storms

- The Seventh

The Tallmast Flagon

Lady Iris

Angelica's Eyes

Zarcian Communication Orbs

The Sword of Zargrand

Bag of Holding

The Godmind / "The Mind of the Colossus"

Terrasque Totem

Zargorf's Ritual Book

Memory Gem

The Scroll of the Sea


The Eye of the Colossus/ "The Shiny"

The Colossus

The Scroll of Fire

Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

Nature Staff

Schmibblegibbon Statue

The Cart

Ironskin Potion

Faceless Horror Curse

The Sword of Bahumat

Swords of the Magus

Tents of Temperature Regulation

Winged Boots


The Heart of the Colossus

Dwarven Soulstone

Dragonkiller Crossbow

Orb of Indisputable Gravity

Runscribed Necklace

The Eldritch Blades

The Infernal Pact

Dwarf Tower Cannon

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