R. Blackwater (R. Deepwater)

The Great Imperial Road

Zarcian Imperial City

- Imperial City Lower Circle

-Vagabond Inn

- Imperial WHARF

- Sailor's Respite Tavern

- Palace District

-Imperial Palace

- Bureau of Knowledge

The Northlands

- Mt. Scald

- Foothill

- Grimgate

- Dragonslayer Fort

- Jarlheim

- The Arena

- The Barrel Chested Barbarian

- Fjordland

- Fjordoor

- Stromgrad

-Drunken Adventurer Inn

- Chamber of The Godmind

- The Lost Library of Darynar

- Temple of Bahumat

- The Pilgrim's Path

- The Summoning Circle

- Tronjport

The Deep South Ocean

- Grimskull Isle

- Fairwind Isle

- Lourwa (Fairwind Port)

-Oaken-Hull Tavern

- Heffleharia

The Goblin Lands

- Snagglefens

- Bloodspear Port

-Wayfarer Inn

- Nordbold

- Riverbridge

- Grotsburg

-The King's Crown Tavern

- Goblin College of Engineering

The Heartland

-Southern Whitestone Quarry

- Quarrytown

- Vasthilt Hideout


- Dishwater Tavern

- Eastgate

- Eastgate Wizard's Circle

- Flax

- Dragonspit (Dragonfall)

- Farkeep (In)

- Greyhelm

- Horizon

- Goldenwheat

- Whitestone Castle

The Conference Room

The Clamoring Mountains

- Stonehome

The Roiling Sea (The Great North Sea)

- Rose's Island

-The Island That Is Sometimes There

Blackcandle Valley

The Forest of Mischief

- Treewhisper

- Fort Zargorf

- Melliflora

- Sollexi

- Old Palace

- Tower of the Sun

- Fort Northport

- Gnommish Lands

- Ogre Hills

- Satyr Grove

- Pixie Marsh

- The Ghastly Glade

- R. Stormblood

- R. Dragonblood

- Fort Dragonblood

- Fangspire Keep

- The Gnome Hut

Hearthstone Manor


- Trektopolicz Abandoned Archives

- Market District

-Trektopolicz Tower

-Tower University

Stormlit Ridge

- Mt. Storm

- Labyrinthia


- Xixizar Spire

The Western Desert/The Hariah/"The Sands of Time"

Stonefist Barrow



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